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Why do you need this?

The tech industry is growing at an increasingly fast rate. In the U.S. alone, the number of tech positions is already up to 4.8 million professionals. This situation has created an enormous gap for talent worldwide and a massive opportunity for those willing to start their tech career.


However, many professionals are hesitant to take on new roles or feel incredibly unprepared to succeed in a constantly changing interview process.

Through affordable and personalised 1-1 coaching, MyTechMentor will provide you with the tools and confidence required to succeed in your next tech career move.  All our services have been created to help you achieve the outcome you are looking for.


We offer straightforward mentoring solutions that will help you achieve the goals you want. Our services will assist you in preparing your following tech interview process, from job hunting to salary negotiation. 


By helping you increase self-confidence, we are certain you will achieve the job satisfaction you want and excel at your career for years to come. 

Here are what's included:

30-minutes initial strategy session (priced at $50)

​Sometimes you feel stuck in your career’s situation and need guidance on what you should be doing. But how do you know what they are?

Planning for your next steps is hard, but you'll have that support to create the perfect career path. You will also be able to start on that career ladder seamlessly.

60-minutes Mockup Non-Technical Interview Session (priced at $250)

​Interviews are stressful, nerve-wracking nightmares. The only thing worse than the interview is the anxiety afterwards.

Nearly 90% of people suffer from interview anxiety at some point in their careers, which will inevitably make an interview even more difficult. And this is especially true if you are interviewing for your dream job or at your dream company!

Preparing for interviews can be easier. We'll help you practise with three different types of interview formats - like an HR representative, hiring manager, and peer - all in the convenience of your own home. 

60-minutes Technical Screening Preparation (priced at $250)

Tech job candidates need to prepare by studying the intricacies of the technology they'll be tested on, but many struggles with this process.

Plus, when you can't answer a single question, your worries will grow and your confidence will plummet. The more you get anxious about failing, the more critical you'll become of yourself, and it becomes even harder to succeed.

We will prepare a set of questions based on your skill set (e.g., SQL code) and do a mockup screening with you in advance. 

60-minutes Salary Negotiation (priced at $250)

No matter how amazing your qualifications or experience, if you do not know how to negotiate your salary package, you will not get the offer you deserve. You may be satisfied with the first job offer but could lead to dissatisfaction later in time.

With 50% of the workforce wanting to change jobs last year, it’s no surprise that job seekers are focused on negotiating better offers. 

The Salary Negotiation coaching session will help you grow your salary package by at least 10% of value. 

3x 30-minutes Followup Session (priced at $50)

A tech career can be full of uncertainty. Even when you think you have everything down, it can always change with the next big thing.

This session will be complimentary coaching, where we will give you advice and clarity on your possible career developments. It's also a chance for you to get insight into the transition process, learn how people have successfully navigated their careers, and have a mentor walk through your journey with you.

If you book now, we will be
giving you awesome bonuses:

Bonus 1: Early access to our e-learning platform (priced at $400)
Bonus 2: eBooks and templates on career development (priced at $200)
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*When you buy this coaching package, you'll only need to book the first session. Just inform your mentor if you want to have everything in one go, or schedule the others at a later date.

Package Price: AU$ 1,200