Our unique 1-on-1 mentoring plans will increase self-confidence and help you achieve your career goals.


What we do

We help Tech Professionals build up their self-confidence and successfully prepare for their following job interview process.


Our mentors will provide you with authentic, practical, and direct feedback, with no fluff or loose advice.


Pick a single session or create your custom mentoring package, that can adapt to your circumstances. 

Online sessions

Enjoy our live 1-on-1 sessions wherever you are in the world. You only need a computer or a mobile device.

Our services

Our services will provide you with ready-to-apply advice in preparation for your next career step.

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Do you feel nervous and impatient when it comes to salary negotiation? Our mentors will guide you through the correct process to negotiate a killer salary package that is fair and in-market.

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Mid-term Performance Review

Are you ready for a salary increase or promotion? This service will evaluate your current performance and help you move towards achieving the next step in your career.

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Strategy Mentoring Session

Looking to learn more about how to move to the next level? Our mentoring program will help you create the perfect career path, with achievable goals in the short and long term.

Are you talking to a Recruiter or a Hiring Manager anytime soon? Our mentors will help you Learn and Practice how to answer tough questions, create interview tactics and reduce stress before that critical interview.

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Technical Screening

Are you moving towards technical screening and not sure if you are ready? This service has been designed to help you prepare for that upcoming technical interview. Our mentors will help you prepare using our “Dojo Technical Prep” package.

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Resume and Cover Letter Optimisation

Not sure your Resume, LinkedIn or Cover Letter is good enough? This service will take the uncertainty out of your shoulders. We applied best practices to increase the success chances when it comes to your resume.

career development

Benefits of working with a mentor

Get an Immediate Advantage

Working closely with a mentor will provide you with a tangible advantage over your competitors.

Direct Answers

Our mentors are experienced professionals from the Tech Industry and will provide straightforward answers to all your questions.

Avoid Common Pitfalls

By working together, you can avoid common mistakes and setbacks that could affect your career progression.

Career Advice

Our mentors will know you and advise you on the best next step to take your career to the next level.

Personalised Coaching

By working with our mentors on 1-on-1 sessions, we will personalise our advice that suits your unique situation.


Choose your sessions

Book the coaching service that suits your needs.
Dicovery Session

Designed to know each other and understand your unique needs.



30 minutes one-time zoom call


Early access to our e-learning platform (priced at $400) 

One-time Session

For your immediate needs

Starting price at





1-Hour one-time zoom call
Choose your call type
Additional material such as eBook and guides


Early access to our e-learning platform (priced at $400)
30-minutes follow up session (priced at $50) 

Complete Tech-Interview Package

Perfect for those looking for end-to-end support



Includes 5+ hours of 1-on-1 mentoring:

30-minutes initial strategy Session (priced at $50)
1x Mockup Non-Technical Interview Session (priced at $250)
1x Technical Screening Preparation Session (priced at $250)
1x Salary Negotiation Session (priced at $250)
3x 30-minutes Follow-Up Session (priced at $150)


Early access to our e-learning platform (priced at $400)
eBooks and templates on career development (priced at $200)

Custom Mentoring Bundle

For flexible solutions

price varies

Mentoring sessions can be mixed from any of the following:

Mockup interviews
Technical Screening Preparation
LinkedIn, Resume & Cover Letter Optimisation
Salary Negotiation
Career Development Session

Mid-term Performance Review

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What our mentees say


Thanks to MTM, I got an amazing job offer from Databricks


MTM helped me achieve a 10% increase to my current salary 


MTM helped me gain confidence and negotiate an amazing salary package at my new company!


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